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“Marmaris Netsel Marina” s first function is to serve as a yacht marina. There are hundreds of yachts – standard yachts to the most luxurious yachts in the world- are parked here whole year around.

Marmaris itself has a very protected bay from the winds and adverse weather conditions. In addition to the natural protection of Marmaris bay, Netsel Marina built breakwaters to make the “Netsel Marina” safer for all the yachts to dock in and protect from bad weather effects. She is one of the safest shelters for yachts and ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Features and the Capacity of “Netsel Marina in Marmaris”

“Netsel Marina Marmaris” has 830 berths. 130 of these berths are dry-berths.

Free Wireless internet

Free usage of computers, printers, Wi-fi, internet access at the front-office

Daily weather reports at the front-office

Index of contact information for technical services needed by yacht owners and captains – at the front-office.

Mooring services

24 hours camera surveillance and security

Boatyards – for up to 100 tons – and slipway

Shopping – shops of world famous brands

Fuel station


Swimming pool

Technical Service


Besides all these services, Marmaris Netsel Marina is a sponsor for many activities in Marmaris. One of them being Turkey’s biggest yacht race “Marmaris Yacht Race Week”.

Marmaris Netsel Marina

Coordinates – 36°51’02N 28°1638E
Call Codes –
 VHF 06 “Port Marmaris”


Marmaris Netsel Marina & Shopping

Netsel Marina is the most popular marina in Marmaris and serves as a yacht marina and a shopping mall.

Netsel Marina was built around 1992 and has been a hot spot since then. Besides Marina Yachting services, Netsel Marina has been a place to meet, place to go shopping. People met at Netsel Marina because some of the best restaurants are in Netsel Marina.

We can say that “Netsel Marina in Marmaris” is the most attractive, prestigious marina in Eastern Mediterranean Sea. She is owned by one of the biggest corporations in Turkey and she is part of “Setur Marinas”.

“Marmaris Netsel Marina” is an “urban marina” and  located right after downtown Marmaris near the entertainments center Marmaris Bar-Street. It is just 2 minutes walk from Marmaris City Center close to Marmaris historical area. She is backed by a mountain covered by pine trees. Right after Marmaris Netsel Marina” is the “Marmaris Cruise Port” where all the cruise ships park and where “the ferries to Rhodes” depart.


Shopping in “Netsel Marina in Marmaris” is fun and pleasure. It is one of the biggest marina shopping centers. There are more than 40 world-famous brands.

Netsel Marina in Marmaris also has many quality restaurant and cafes with amazing, rich menus. Those establishments caters to the yacht owners and to the local population and to the tourists who are vacationing in Marmaris.

Netsel Marina also houses many services businesses like, yachting companies, rental car companies, marine supplies, Technical services facilities, repair shops etc.

Some of the shops and services that are available in “Netsel Marina Marmaris”:

Textile: Glingerie – Marmaris,  Helly Hansen – Marmaris, JeansLab – Marmaris, Kanz – Marmaris, Lufian – Marmaris, Mendo’s – Marmaris, Mudo – Marmaris, Musto – Marmaris, Paul & Shark – Marmaris, Smile, Stefanel – Marmaris, Twist – Marmaris, U.S. Polo – Marmaris, Zemika – Marmaris, LaCoste – Marmaris, Kigili – Marmaris

Shoes & Bags: Desa Go Marmaris, Majestic Leather- Marmaris, Vingi Marmaris

Jewellery & Accessories: Adesa Marmaris, Mikael Silver Marmaris, Vogue Diamond Marmaris

Optics & Watch: Otto Watch Marmaris, Still Optik & Watch Marmaris

Textile Home & Leisure: Madame Coco Marmaris

Food & Beverage: Kahve Dünyası Marmaris, Pineapple Restaurant Marmaris, Queen Steak House Marmaris, Roberts Coffee Marmaris, Rota Restaurant Marmaris, Starbucks Marmaris

Services: C&C Kuaför Marmaris, Garanti Bankası ATM – Marmaris, ING Bank ATM – Marmaris, Migros – Marmaris, Relax Spa & Fitness Center – Marmaris, Sixt Rent A Car – Marmaris, Taksi, Western Union – Marmaris, Yapı Kredi ATM – Marmaris, Swimming Pool

Wholesale & Sales of Marine Materials: East Marine Marmaris

Yacht Agency: Anka Yachting, Datamaris, Doya Turizm, German Marine, Gino Tours, Global Marine, GMG YAchting, Group Agency, Ino Yachting, Mıknatıs Yat, Offsore Sailing, Phoenix Yachting, Smile Yacht Agency, Top Leisure, Yelkenli Yaşam Akademisi (Sailing Life Academy)

“Netsel Marina is a unique pearl in the heart of Marmaris…” with No-Doubt!


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