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Water-sports activities are very popular in Marmaris. There are about 5 water-sports stations and we co-operate with the best one. Their mission statement is “Your Safety is First & Your Pleasure is Second!”

All water-sports activities are good and fun. Which one to experience depends on your tolerance for thrill and excitement.

Marmaris Banana-ride is mid-level thrill generator and it is so much fun to do with friends and family as a group. If you are not with friends and family, you can join to Banana-ride with other people you do not yet know.

What is it that you will be trying to accomplish while doing “Banana Boat Ride in Marmaris” ?: There will be about 8 people on the inflatable banana-boat, which will be pulled by a speed-boat tied with a long roap. Your mission is to hold tight to the banana-boat and try not to fall to the sea once the boat speeds up and does intentional sharp turns. With speed and intentional sharp turns, the inflatable banana boat is turned-over intentionally by the speed-boat captain. He is doing his best to make you fall down to the sea. So hold tight to the grip on the banana boat!!! Staying firm will not be easy… You will get wet with splashes of the sea and when you fall into the water.

“Marmaris Banana-Boat Rides” do not have specific scheduled times. Banana-ride takes place once there are enough people are gathered for the ride to make it worthwhile and fun. On average there are rides every 30-45 minutes. This ride is so popular, it is not difficult to book enough people. If you are a group of friends and family that will all take this ride, the ride can happen immediately.

Pick-up times for  “Marmaris Banana-Boat Ride” are 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 & Everyday

Once everybody is on and ready, the captain of the speed-boat starts accelerating with the speed-boat, slowly at first and pulls you all to middle of the sea, where it is safer and free of other sea traffic. Because you are riding slowly and smoothly at the beginning, don’t get so comfortable yet. Because things are about to change!

During the ride, with enjoyment and the team interaction, you will be screaming and laughing with pleasure cause by the thrill.

Again; “SAFETY FIRST” – You have to wear a life-jacket while joining “Marmaris Banana Boat Ride”. Because your safety is our priority, you will be given information about safety and security regulations and rules, by a professional, experienced water-sports team member. Pay very close attention to what he says. OF course they all want you to have the most fun with any water-sports activity. They just make you aware of what to do and not to do while joining any water-sport activity.


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